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Shun Engineering providing insulation services that strict about following NIS (National International Standard) in Singapore. We are committed to providing proper insulation services to improve our clients’ workspace safety.

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Proper insulation services by Shun Jurong Singapore 2021-min

Insulation services Solution

Shun Engineering Pte Ltd mainly focuses on proper insulation services in Singapore for the past ten years. Our insulation works strictly will be only followed NIS (National Insulation Standard). In addition, most of our clients are in manufacturing plants and accredited by ISO standards, and most of them will require proper insulation instead of improper work. However, we commit to providing an insulation system that can achieve energy-saving and lift the safety level for their working environment.

What is insulation?

Simple! Below is one of the re-insulation work we have done. Have you found any different?

Pipe insulation Singapore Tuas Jurong after 2021

Before Insulation

Pipe insulation services Singapore Tuas before 2021

After Insulation

Insulation repair and maintenance Singapore

Insulation repair & maintenance

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We are providing repair and maintenance for all sectors. We have been working with many companies for re-insulation services. In addition, most of their insulated work covering by our maintenance inspection. Is this critical? Yes. Based on our calculation, if manufacturing plant insulation is installed correctly for 5 years, the energy-saving can achieve 40% energy saving, in other words, if $ 60 million can save up to $ 24 million in 5 years. Therefore, this calculation solves all the problems by using proper insulation services.

Thermal insulation Jurong Singapore

Thermal insulation services

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Thermal insulation services are primarily providing for our clients who are in the manufacturing and process industry. However, the primary purpose of this insulation service is to ensure their facility’s piping process is insulated correctly. In addition, we help our clients achieve the benefit of preventing heat gain and heat loss. Above all, we believe that correct technical knowledge can provide our clients with good insulation works. In general thermal insulation is one or more materials providing resistance to heat flow. Similarly, we will follow the 4 essential things to ensure the thermal insulation are correct: low thermal conductivity, insulation material, heterogeneous, and air pockets. 

Cellular insulation by Shun engineering 2021 Singapore Jurong Insulation

Cellular insulation services

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Cellular insulation services are another popular insulation service in most of the manufacturing industries in Singapore. But if mention the technical sentence “cellular insulation”. For cellular insulation, the material manufacture by plastic and polystyrene. For instance, there is a “loose” type of polystyrene foam, and this material is one of the priority materials for our daily insulation work in Singapore. In other words, polystyrene is suitable for pipping whatever gap to be filled up to prevent heat loss adequately insulated. In conclusion, cellular insulation can use in a wide range of insulation to achieve energy saving

Acoustic insulation Jurong Singapore-by Shun engineering 2021

Acoustic insulation services

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Acoustic insulation services mainly serve manufacturing companies and the marine industry sector, For instance, in cleanroom environments, engine rooms, and pipping areas. For instance, our acoustical insulation help to reduce noise levels. In other words, if without proper soundproofing insulated in their environment will be caused massive risk to their staff. However, in manufacturing plants with vast numbers of molding machine production definitely can impact the team to hearing-impaired after sometimes. Therefore, all of the manufacturing companies require their staff to bear wear earplugs all the time and perform yearly hearing exams. For example, a sound level meter is an excellent tool to measure noise level; loud noise above 120 dB can cause immediate harm to the ears.

Piping insulation services Singapore by Shun Engineering Pte Ltd 2021

Piping systems insulation services

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Our piping system insulation services currently serve multiple fields, including industrial plants, incineration power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, marine, and offshore industries. In addition, we are mainly doing piping insulation during annual maintenance during the shut down period. Including repairing old insulated piping, dismantle, and re-insulate. Some are an extension of plant area, medium and small insulation touch-up work, for many years. Some of our clients in growing their business, expanding their new manufacturing plant and new insulation project is needed. We have an efficient certified insulation installer to face any size of piping insulation. We learn all this technical work is not about earning “profit” but we priority to every company, everyone safety.

vessel insulation services singapore jurong by shun engineering 2021

Vessels insulation services

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Vessel insulation services are one of the most significant needs in Singapore. However, compared to other industries, marine rules and procedures rules are more strict. For instance, almost every facility of process line in the vessels has individual temperature requirements to be followed. Why? Imagine all these vessels have to cross the mid-ocean for long days. So a good vessel insulation service can help to achieve more safety and energy saving. Other than that, this will help maintain the process temperature in store of liquid, gaseous or solid. Every process line store different substances, so that require the other type of vessels insulation. Especially for storage tank is the primary purpose to store fuels, end product, and raw materials.

pharmaceutical insulation Singapore Jurong by Shun Engineering 2021

Pharmaceutical insulation services

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Pharmaceutical insulation services will need a high-performance tube and pipe insulation system setup. However, to produce premium quality products like Alcon manufacturing is always not easy. Therefore, a cleanroom environment will require ultra-low fluctuation and vibration to create a “low uncertainty” high-quality product. Especially in a hygienic operation environment, pharmaceutical insulation will insulate all the piping to benefit energy-saving. Although all the production machines are running air pressure engines as a core to reduce electricity usage, this is not enough. Why? As most machines can produce 100% finished product with no manual work, equally electrical pressure will increase. In conclusion, pharmaceutical insulation are essential.

Oil refineries insulation Singapore Jurong by Shun Engineering 2021

Oil refineries insulation services

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Oil refineries insulation services covering all the old refinery maintenance, repair, or re-insulate from medium to high-temperature application. Similarly, in Singapore, most oil refineries’ insulation requires a high-temperature range like coker units and fractionation towers. In other words, oil refineries insulation should work together to prevent CUI (Corrosion under insulation). In addition, the proper prevention of CUI is to perform yearly insulation inspection as a standard procedure. Why? As insulation system maintenance routine have to monitor closely to repair or replace faulty materials timely. Therefore, If the maintenance work of insulation is going well, this can help to minimize the insulation cost. Especially for pipeline and equipment areas, a convenient replacement can extend the insulation life-cycle, which is longer.

Chemical plant insulation services

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Chemical plant insulation services are used the most in Jurong Island Singapore. In addition, there are more than 75,000 products is producing from the chemical plant industry. Many products before becoming finished products like soap, plastic raw material, and perfumes, the process temperature fluctuation, noise level, and vibration are huge. And certain manufacturing stages of the facilities potentially contain hazardous due to high-temperature demand. This is why they require chemical plant insulation to keep the manufacturing of raw material stage is running with good stability and consistency. All the piping of chemical processes is required to be insulated with the correct insulation material in order to maintain the process temperature. The priority is to ensure environmental safety and produce a complete finished product.

Industrial plant insulation services

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Industrial plant insulation services involve process “transportation.” For instance, they handle raw material, fluids, and other operations with high demands affecting the temperature, high or low. Equipment like an oven, furnaces, boiler, and refrigeration plants will need the correct insulation procedure to reduce operating costs significantly. If the industrial plant insulation do not install correctly, there will be a high possibility of production breakdown. Other than energy saving, the most priority is to protect the site personnel from burn injury. To us, industrial plant insulation plays a vital role in safety protection. When choosing the suitable insulation material for the application, it can also provide the feature of fire protection, reduce noise,  temperature fluctuation, and more.

Fibrous insulation services

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Fibrous insulation services are used the most in Singapore’s manufacturing industries. However, It is a little-known fact that if we mention the technical term “fibrous insulation,” even insulation companies will not know. For instance, fibrous insulation are the material that comes with air in a small gap, for example, if an organic type is using wool, cotton, cloth, cane, and vegetable fibres. In addition, the inorganic will be rock mineral wool, glass wool, and ceramic fibres. Therefore, Rockwool will be the most well-known insulation material in Singapore. In other words, this material provides a wide temperature range. This material for many industrial applications uses for refrigeration, HVAC, and pipelines. This insulation service and choice of material depending on the type of application and surrounding environment.

Benefit of our services

Proper insulation services

Benefits of

The benefits of an insulation system are endless if installed adequately on every key point. The benefits are

  • Maintains process temperature
  • Minimize temperature variation and fluctuation
  • Reduced level of vibration and noise
  • Fire protection
  • Freezing protection
  • Prevents condensation
  • Energy-saving (Ensure)
Shun Engineering Pte Ltd

Our insulation work


What were we promised in insulation ?

All along, our insulation work will come with one year warranty for insulated failure. Honestly, most of our insulation system work is at least last 5 years and above for every installation. Therefore, we are spending time doing the proper way according to insulation standards.

We ever met some of the company are humans cause, but they told us it is not. Why do we know? We saw too many incidents in this insulation field, so any minor matter related to a human or insulated failure we can find out easily. Therefore, we insist that all the clients check the insulated work before handover.

Our insulators have gone through a comprehensive test to become CIT (Certified Insulation Technician). In addition. Our services staff have no general workers to touch on our insulation work. This examination includes how to inspect the insulation work pass or fail thickness calculation, safety PPE during installation, and more. All training records will keep for 5 years.

We have a team of day and night shifts for the insulation project. Since we started in 1988, many insulation projects require to be work at night when their machine is shut down or stops production. Therefore, we will work together to ensure the work schedule is smooth.

Our insulation specialist will help the facilities owner understand the insulation application’s purpose, type of surface, including surrounding condition factors, insulating material advice, and cost availability. Therefore, we ensure they get the right insulation system with achieving the benefit of insulation.

We send out our measuring tools for yearly calibration timely. For insulation material fabrication, the most important is dimension accuracy to produce the perfect insulation system. Therefore, our dimensional tools for sheet fabrication work must be sent for calibration yearly. Similarly, accuracy must be within tolerance, and the calibration certificate must be under SAC. The laboratory needs to be traceable to ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

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Any question?

We love to hear any insulation inquiry on the island of Singapore. Typically all the questions will reply within one hour. During this pandemic of covid-19, please take care.

Recent speech in May 2021

Shun Engineering has leveraged deep expertise and advanced technologies to continuously innovate our insulation standard to enhances our client’s workspace is safe and achieves energy saving. In addition, we help our clients increase their credibility by upgrading their facilities with our services. Most of their company’s business has a significant impact on Singapore’s economy, especially the pandemic of the Covid-19 period. Good insulation will assist clients in becoming more reliable, competent, and assurance. In conclusion, we strictly ensure our client’s insulation system is professional and meet Globally-Recognized Insulation Standards. Again, please take care! Thank you for reading.